Vertical Jigging in Palm Beach can prove to be a challenge in itself due to the rising numbers of toothy critters. This post will tell you what were doing to cope with sharks, kingfish, and sometimes even wahoo when vertical jigging.

I perfer a 30-50# 7′ parabolic jigging rod, and a fast reel. I prefer a Seigler LGN and a seeker jb80. I have my reel spooled with 250 yards of 50lb braid and a 30′ of 40lb mono as a top shot. I tie off to a swivel and use 6″-12″ of 75# titanium wire crimped to the solid ring on a 140g tormentor leaf jig. From here you can either take the factory hooks off and crimp trailer hooks to the rings poured into the vertical jig mold or use the titanium wire to rerig the factory hooks.

When I get to the reef I stop to find out which way the drift is going. Usually the current is pushing north and depending on the winds and tides you can determine whether you need to start your drift shallow or deep. The idea depth is 90′-250′ and if you have a fish finder it will help to wait until you are marking fish on the fish finder to start jigging to dave your energy. I have caught fish with a jig in the water and the rod in the rod holder not moving at all. Its a pretty easy fishery to figure out if you have all the right tools.

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