Trolling in Palm Beach doesnt require giant reels and heavy terminal tackle. The flagship reel seems to be the shimano tld 25 filled with 30# test mono on a standup 30-50# fast action rod. A small squid skirt style or mylar lures rigged with 75# titanium wire is ideal but 100lb mono will work find

Dolphin can be caught with as little as a piece of cut bait and a hook tied to 40# test flurocarbon leader with 20# test mono mainline on a 15-30 spinning rod. They can be found in schools throughout the year from 100′ deep all the way to the bahamas…

Tuna are found in numbers on the reef sometimes out to 500′ deep off of palm beach and can be caught with small feathers or cedar plugs rigged with 120lb monofilament leader on a 30# trolling rod

Wahoo can be found from 100′ – the bahamas and eat baits that are deeper or just under the surface, I achieve this presentation with a planer and a 250# mono shock cord that i clip a sea witch rigged with titanium wire, two 9/0 trailer hooks and a bonita strip tied on through the eye of the hook with a 5″ piece copper wire. High speed trolling is effective but not necessary.

Using these three methods together you should be able to fill the freezer with fish this summer! Make sure to hashtag #gulfstreamcustoms when you catch em

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